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2018 AFP Young Professionals Award

2018 AFP Young Professionals Award

Below is the online nomination form for the 2018 AFP Young Professionals Award.

For more information about the award, including explanation of eligibility, process and judging, please click here.

Eligibility & Judging Factors

New fundraisers represent the future of our profession and AFP desires to support their growth and engagement with fundraising to ensure they are duly prepared for a vibrant career in fundraising.

Every year, AFP highlights the work of up to five young professionals under the age of 31 who have already been successful in demonstrating exemplary, creative and innovative work in their careers, as well as a strong commitment to the profession, including engagement with AFP and community and volunteer work.

These five young fundraisers are chosen annually based on the following criteria:

Please note:

(Note: The maximum number of words for the entire nomination is 2,000. This includes text for ALL of the criteria. Nominators are free to divide the words for each criterion however they like, but the total word count should not exceed 2,000.)

Nominee Information

Nominator Information

Verification Information

Chapter Board of Directors

All nominations must be received by Friday, November 3, 2017

Email questions to


Please outline details in the following categories, in a maximum of 2000 words (cumulative).

1. Describe examples that show evidence of exemplary work, success and/or activities in the fundraising profession, including notable career achievements to date, creativity, organizational ability, innovation, leadership positions and roles, etc. (40 points)

2. Describe details showing evidence of AFP involvement and commitment to professional development (committee work, attendance at AFP events, actively seeking of input from professional colleagues, preparing/already engaged in obtaining a CFRE, etc.) Include engagement on both the local chapter and national/international level. (30 points)

3. Describe volunteer activities within the community (not including AFP) and why the nominee is involved with those organizations. (20 points)

4. Describe why the nominee has chosen a fundraising career and professional goals for the future. (10 points)

5. Potential Tie-Breaker:: In one sentence, what is the single best attribute that the nominee brings to the fundraising profession?

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